About Sugiyama

Introduction of Tomoyasu Sugiyama

Born: Seki City, Gifu Prefecture (known as the town of Cutlery, "cutlery festival" is unique)

High School graduate: waterfall

University: Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (belonged to the Ski club and was in charge of Nordic composite events)

Graduate School: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Engineering Sciences completed

Degree: Doctor of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

Work experience: Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd., Tokyo Research Fellow (7 years)
Researcher, Bessel Research Laboratory, Inc. (3 years)
Helix Research Fellow, Inc. (3 years)
Visiting researcher, University of Tokyo (one year)
Associate professor, Faculty of Bioonics, Tokyo University of Technology (5 years)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (3 years)
Visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (one year)
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Biology, Tokyo University of Technology (5 years)
Professor, Faculty of Applied Biology, Tokyo University of Technology (present)