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 Our laboratory are developing technologies utilizing nucleic acids to control the function of genes. Our goal is to develop an effective nucleic acid medicine for diseases. Specifically, the basic technique based on the RNAi method (synthesis of nucleic acid library, genetic recombination, cancer cell culture, characterization of raw cells by fluorescent labeling, high efficiency assay by flow cytometer, The creation of nucleic acids in a useful artificial sequence through the target gene Web search system SPICE and the like nucleotide sequence analysis. At the same time, we aim to find a useful target gene and show the role of the gene. 

 In the concept that good molecules are obtained by good assay system, we are developing cell screening system using FACS with fluorescence indicators for living cells. Cancer stem cell is an important cell type in the development of tumor tissue. We are interested in the development of artificial intelligence recognizing the cell morphology. The technology will be useful for the assay system and cell diagnosis.